No single group except The Country Gentlemen Tribute has so devoted itself to the continuation of The Country Gentlemen sound.” - Eddie Adcock

Press photos

Mike Phipps

Guitar, Lead Vocal

Mike began playing mandolin and singing while in high school.  Later, he teamed up with dobro player, Fred Travers (currently with the Seldom Scene), as they performed out in several bands around the Washington, DC area, including the popular Southern Maryland based band, The Dixie Ramblers.  Mike later performed with Southern Maryland favorite, Jay Armsworthy & Eastern Tradition, playing mandolin and singing lead/baritone.  His love of Classic Country Music and the influence of Bluegrass artists, such as Charlie Waller and John Duffey, contributed highly to his current musical style. Mike was initially invited to be a part of the “Tribute to the Country Gentlemen” recording project along with former Gents member, Bill Yates.  The success of this recording later led to touring and performing shows with the Bill Yates & the Country Gentlemen Tribute Band at multiple festivals and concert venues around the country.  Mike currently resides in Owings , MD.

Dave Propst

Mandolin, Vocals

David first got interested in bluegrass music while listening to old 78 rpm records with his dad that was playing off of his granddad’s old wind-up Victrola.  They sat & listened to the likes of The Original Cater Family, The Monroe Brothers, The Blue Sky Boys, The Delmore Brothers and Ernest V. (Pop) Stoneman.  He attributes his mandolin style from the influences of such greats as, Doyle Lawson, Jimmy Gaudreau, Sam Bush, Buck White, Dempsey Young and Bill Monroe.  David is best known for his driving mandolin chops and expert leads, skillfully melding contemporary and traditional influences as to create a style uniquely his own. His own Bluegrass heritage and church singing background has helped him refine his vocal abilities, which range from a strong tenor, to an exciting lead, to a smooth baritone.  With more than thirty (30) years of professional bluegrass experience, David has previously performed with such bands as The Puckett Brothers, Leon Morris & the Associates, Excalibur, Special Blend, Second Time Around, Paul Adkins & the Borderline Band, The Fox Family, The Travelers, Fastest Grass Alive, Line Drive, John O’Dell & Windy Ridge, Darren Beachley & the Maryland Line, The Shenandoah Blue Band . David currently resides with his wife in Glen Rock, PA. 

Lynwood Lunsford

Banjo, Vocals

Lynwood was born and raised near Roxboro, NC. Coming from a musical family, he was exposed to music early on in his life. Living fairly close to the Camp Springs Bluegrass Park, the popularity of Bluegrass and that festival was the doorway by which Lynwood was exposed to Bluegrass music. It became a fad to start a Bluegrass band and that is exactly what Lynwood’s' dad and two of his cousins did, a group called The Country Cousins. This event was certainly influential in Lynwood’s decision to eventually pursue the music as a career, but the spark that sat him ablaze for the music, was hearing the song "Matterhorn" by the Country Gentlemen! Lynwood began learning the banjo at the age of 14 and just one short year later, was thrust into the banjo job with his dad's band, The Country Cousins. During his six year stint with that group is when Lynwood decided to make a career of performing Bluegrass. By the late '80s, Lynwood had become an accomplished banjoist and became a part of an early version of the James King Band. In 1990, Lynwood was hired by Jimmy Martin, staying with Jimmy for 2 years. In 1991, Lynwood left Martin to join the Lost & Found, spending 5 solid years with the group and subsequently recording 3 projects with them. After taking a year off when his twin sons were born, Lynwood found himself back on the road with the Sand Mountain Boys. While a member of the Alabama based group, Lynwood wrote, and the band recorded, the song "Molly Rose". The song rose to #9 on the Bluegrass Unlimited airplay charts in 1999 and has since been recorded by several other groups, including Jeff Parker. Lynwood fronted his own band, The Misty Valley Boys after the Sand Mountain Boys disbanded, keeping the group going for more than 6 years. When Big Country Bluegrass came looking for a banjo picker, Lynwood joined them and stayed with the group for 9 years and 5 recording projects. In 2017, Lynwood decided to leave the road and assume a semi-retired status and aside from a few fill-in gigs, has mostly stayed close to home. As a youngster, Lynwood always dreamed of being a member of The Country Gentlemen.....sometimes laying on the bed looking at their old album covers, imagining himself in the photographs! In 1991, Lynwood actually filled-in with the group for a show in Kentucky and was offered the banjo job by Charlie Waller. He decided to turn it down because he had just recently joined the Lost & Found and didn't want to put them in a bad spot by leaving. Fast forward to the present and a group of awesome musicians dedicated to preserving the classic sound of The Country Gentlemen. A job Lynwood considers his "dream" job! Lynwood is thrilled at the opportunity to recreate the music that brought him to Bluegrass in the first place! Call it fate, coming full circle or divine intervention.....whatever the case, to him it feels just like coming home!